Investing in Gold Made Simple

Gold is in an 11 year bull market.

Gold Ira Investing is a relatively new topic, but it’s not rocket science.

Spend five minutes on this site and I’ll do my best to provide a quick overview on my experience working with a company that specializes in helping act as a gold custodian so you can use it as part of your retirement portfolio.

A Gold IRA Let’s YOU Put Gold to Work!

This type of investing may sound difficult or overwhelming, but with the right professionals working with you, it’s a simple process.

There are many ways you can now roll over an abandoned 401k into gold.

In my opinion, a California precious metals broker called Regal Assets is the best place to turn to if you are serious about rolling over your ira to gold.  My experience with their retirement department has been nothing but first class thus far.  I’ve been an advocate for investing in gold for quite some time now, and at this time my focus is on re-balancing my retirement portfolio to include some gold investments.

Gold is currently enjoying an 11 year Bull Market!

Alan Thicke isn’t the only celebrity who is investing in gold, but he may be among the most vocal.

Fill out the form on the right and you’ll get a no-obligation kit and how-to guide.

My Experience and Why I Like the Gold IRA

Only five years ago, I watched my investment portfolio dwindle away, losing 100’s of thousands of hard-earned dollars in the process.  An entrepreneur since 2001, I’d worked hard to build up my net worth by starting numerous businesses.

I constantly “invested” in things like real estate, stocks, undeveloped land, even properties in emerging markets like Latin America.

That was an expensive lesson I won’t repeat.  

I got “even smarter” and went for commodities with more liquidity, like coal.  Did you see the stock price of Patriot Coal?    (Don’t look.)

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I’ve Smarted Up

Fast forward a few years and life is going well.  I’m starting to seriously contemplate investing in gold.

There are numerous reasons to invest in precious metals like gold and silver, which I outline here.  Today, I’m especially amped up about gold investments as a means of retiring in style.

How You Can Start Holding Gold for Retirement

So I’ve been explained the process, and am going through the paperwork. It’s not hard at all!

Take my advice and request the free gold investing kit – it’s a solid read to get to know about precious metals and gold investing, even if you don’t move forward with a 401k or ira roll over into gold.

The book includes the following free information:

  • What is the Account Transfer Process Like?
  • What is the timeline for moving retirement accounts and how does it exactly work with your existing ira investments.
  • Vital corporate infromation about Regal Assets (there’s a reason they were featured in “Smart Money, Forbes, The Street, Reuters, & Yahoo! Finance.”
A Free Guide to Investing in Gold, Courtesy of Regal Assets.

Absolutely free of charge! Learn how investing in gold can help you protect your assets and hedge against inflaction with this free gold investment kit.

If you are like me and have questions, you’ll find the experts at Regal Assets really give sound advice and know this market well.   You can ask them about your situation by calling:


I’m usually a skeptic, but I looked up the corporate data.

  • A+ rating with the BBB.  As a business owner I know how hard it is to gain an “A” rating, so I really respect this.
  • Huge range of office hours to cover all time zones and be available during trading hours.  I know they aren’t in an active trade room, but since gold’s value changes daily, I think it’s good they have their pulse on the markets like they do.

I’ve learned some expensive investing lessons and if there is one thing I pride myself in it’s learning from mistakes.  The history of gold prices have me dead set on banking on gold long-term as an investment hedge.

What The Guru’s Are Saying About Gold

David Einhorns thoughts on gold as an investment.
Seth Klarman uses gold as a protection against inflation.
Paulson feels "Gold Can Easily Pass $2,400 per ounce."

Call For More Information:

Hope you found my rant on the gold ira investment strategy worth while.  All opinions are of my own.  Do your own research – the numbers don’t lie.

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Learn How to Collect Silver Coins

The Popularity of Silver Coin Collecting

Silver coin collecting has been a quite popular hobby amongst many people in the United States and across the world. This is quite an interesting and profitable hobby because of the direct value of silver against dollar, but some people tend to collect silver coins only because this precious metal has a long, rewarding history. Silver coins were first introduced during the Roman times and was adapted as the main legal tender at those times. Many regions of the world chose Silver for coins because of its vast availability and malleability against other precious metals of the world.

This post has everything you need to know about collecting silver coins.  It provides a brief history of the various silver coins and educates the novice collector on various idiosyncrasies that come with the trade of collecting coins.  

Today, silver coins have become a popular medium for collectors because it is now considered as one of the solid investments you can make in coin collecting. A lot of people collect silver to resell at a later time and gain profits, but there are also many who are serious collectors of this medium. These collectors are commonly known as numismatists. Today we are going to talk about why collecting silver can be beneficial for you both in terms of financial and personal interests.

As an example, check out the photo of the 1923 Peace Silver Dollar.

What to Do If You Are a Beginner?

As a beginner, the first thing you must learn is that failure is inevitable, but defeat is optional. The world of collecting coins for investment purposes is a tough one and only the most cunning survive, but that does not mean you get overwhelmed. You are advised to learn this art of collecting silver coins with patience because you will face many hurdles that will stop you from adapting this hobby.

Saying that, the first thing you must do is to find a place where people are selling silver coins for profits. Learn how the markets trend change and see what coins are most popular and why. You will see that a lot people exchange gold and silver coins together in a single baggage, scoring tons of profit in a single transaction. These people do not come unprepared, they have years of experience in coin collecting and know how different coins function in today’s market. First, you must learn the many different kinds of coins available to purchase from. Today, a single American silver dollar is ninety percent silver and ten percent copper. Because of its unique mixture of alloys and silver, the American Silver is quite easily available and affordable for beginners. However, if you intend to make massive profits, you must learn about the different mints and coins available to purchase throughout the world. For example, there are silver coins which come with one hundred percent purity and are normally quite expensive to purchase. Then there are also coins that come in different sizes and designs that add to the numismatic value of the coin.

Currently, the coins which are easiest to obtain are the U.S Silver Dollars Peace 1921-1935, Morgan 1878-1921, and Silver Eagles, which continue to be minted even today. More information about the different coins is easily available from the Official Blue Book HandBook of the United States Coins.

Contrary to popular belief, a silver coin doesn’t have to be old to have more value. This is why as a beginner; you should start collecting coins by directly buying from a mint that issues the specific coin you want. Remember that the value of coin depends a lot on its rarity, which is why you should try scoring a limited edition of a coin whenever you come across one. If you buy a limited edition of a specific silver coin, chances are that its value will be doubled or tripled in the next ten years.

Always be on the lookout for places where silver coins are usually sold. Such places are not hard to get to; coins are sold at estate sales, coin shows, garage sales and many more places. Before you buy a coin, it is important to note the dates and mint marks on a coin. You must buy every coin with a vision of that very coin becoming a rare coin in the future because no one knows when the value of the certain coin you hold may go up. The coins which have mistakes or marks on them are considered rare coins as mistakes are very rare when minting a coin. In order to detect these mistakes and marks, it is a great idea to keep with you a powerful microscope at all times.

You must avoid cleaning old and rare coins unless and until it’s absolutely necessary. This is because Patina, a part of the coin, is very valuable on certain kind of coins and any chemical used to clean the coin can reduce this to none. If you really must clean a coin, always use warm water on a soft, damp cloth and gently rub the surface. It is often a good idea to use a duster to dust away the collected dust before cleaning the coin. If possible, place your rare coins safely in a case that you would otherwise use to store jewelry.

What Are The Different Silver Coins Available To Purchase From?

When choosing a coin for collection or investment purposes, there are hundreds of options available and it is impossible to list them all down here. So we are going to focus on coins that are easily available in the United States. The following list will help you understand how coin value is determined based on its size, design and series.

American Eagles:

American Eagle coins are the most popular coins available today in the United States of America.  These coins were first minted by the United States Mint in 1986 in both silver and gold metals. The family of American Eagle coins was expanded in 1997 when Platinum coins became part of it. Now Palladium has also become a major part in the family of American Eagle Coins. Here are some of the different versions available:

The 2011 Bullion Silver Eagle:

The 2011 Bullion Silver Eagle is a continuation of the same series that was started in 1986 by the United States Mint. The coins are usually minted on demand for the entire year and are easily available to pick from authorized dealers starting from the first few weeks of every year. Each of these coins are made from one ounce of pure, 99.9% silver and are known as the official bullion coins of America.

Consequently, the government of United States guarantees the content, purity and weight of the coin. Because of this, the American Eagles have become quite popular investment choice among investors and collectors alike. The silver version of this coin was authorized in 1985 by the Liberty Coin Act. Since then, the coin has been produced annually to meet the demands of investors who seek cost effective way to add coins to their investment portfolio.

2011 Proof Silver Eagle

The 2011 Proof Silver Eagle coins are a continuation of collectable silver coins started in the 1986 by the United States Mint. The coins were released in the summer of 2011 starting from $59.95 per coin. Also only limited amount of coins were allowed per household. The limit for each household was set at 100 coins.

According to official statistics, the coins were ordered 367,623 times during the first six days of release. After the initial boost, the sales came down to 407,991 during the second week after the release. At this time, the United States Mint removed the ‘per household’ limit of 100 coins.

This edition of the coin is considered numismatic versions of the very popular bullion Silver Eagle. These coins are minted solely for the purpose of collection as opposed to the bullion silver eagle which is a popular choice among investors for adding cost effective investment to their portfolio.

Even when these are aimed towards a niche, the coins have been sold in millions since they were first introduced. The Proof Silver Eagles were canceled in 2009 because of tough economic situation for the United States Mint. The coins returned in the market starting November 2010 and are now available for purchase once again starting every year. Even a new law has been passed which allows the mint to produce these coins regardless of the state and demand of bullion silver eagles.

2011 Uncirculated Silver Eagle

The 2011 Uncirculated Silver Eagle is a continuation of the American Eagle coins that were first introduced in 2006. These too are collectable coins which were released on September 15, 2011 for $60.45.

The Uncirculated Silver Eagle coins are based on the bullion Silver Eagles and Proof Silver Eagles that have been produced since 1986 by the United States Mint. Just like Proof Silver Eagles, the Uncirculated Silver Eagles were canceled in 2009 and 2010 due to great demand for bullion silver eagles. During the first five days of release, collectors were able to get their hands on 184,967 of these coins. These numbers were enough for the U.S mint to produce another series in the year 2011.

At the time these coins were canceled, the U.S Mint was required by U.S Law to meet the demands of the silver bullion coins. Because of sheer demand of the coins in 2009, the U.S Mint was unable to produce both these and the Proof Silver Eagle. The Law since then has been modified to allow the Treasury Secretary to produce both numismatic versions of the bullion silver eagle.

Interested buyers can only buy these coins directly from the U.S Mint as opposed to bullion silver eagles which are only available through authorized dealers of the mint.

90 Percent Silver Coins

The United States Mint also produces 90 Percent Silver Coins along with the American Eagles. These coins compose 90% silver mixed with alloys and are only intended for collectors as they are available as commemorative coins or sets. Many of these coins are old, which is why these tend to be slightly expensive than the American Eagles.

Morgan Silver Dollar

The Morgan Silver Dollar was produced by the U.S Mint during the years 1878-1904, after which the coins were canceled and brought back into production starting in 1921. Approximately .77344 ounce of silver is contained within these coins, which is 90% silver.

The U.S Mint started producing these coins as required by the Bland-Allison Act. Under the act, the Treasury was required to purchase two to four million dollars worth of the precious metal to be used in the silver dollars. The director of the United States Mint, Dr. Henry Richard Linderman had a personal desire to redesign the coins, as a result, it was requested from the Chief Engraver, Charles Barber and George Morgan to come up with a new design. Morgan was still new to the United States, but he had experience in designing coins because he had worked in the Royal Mint in London. After the two designs were presented, Linderman preferred the design of Morgan and with the authority of Treasury Secretary, the design was chosen.

Peace Silver Dollar

The Peace Silver Dollar coins were produced by the U.S Mint during the years 1921-1935. Each coin was produced with a composition of 90% silver, containing .77344 ounces of Silver. The silver dollars were not produced since 1904 due to lack of demand in the market. However, Pittman Act in 1918 allowed the mint to produce bullion silvers by melting excess of these coins in the inventory.

Due to the act, millions of Peace Silver Dollar coins were melted and produced in the form of new bullion silvers. Production of the coin resumed in 1921. Before the production of these coins, the U.S Mint was already producing the Morgan Silver Dollars. By the end of 1921, Peace Silver Dollars design was put into action and the coins came into being once more.

The Peace Silver Dollar was once again produced in 1965 by the Presidential order. The coin was named after the word PEACE which was prominently inscribed on the reverse side of the coin.

Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollar

The Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollar was produced by the U.S Mint throughout the years 1916-1947. The coins were produced with a composition of 90% Silver, containing .36169 ounces of precious metal. The coins were produced due to a movement initiated by Theodore Roosevelt, then President of United States. The movement was directed towards improving the circulating coinage of U.S. The designs were changed as the coins were produced in years soon to come by, but only two designs became the most popular amongst investors – these were the Walking Liberty Half Dollar and the $20 Saint-Gaudens Liberty Double Eagle.

The design of Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollar was completed by Adolph A. Weinman. Weinman was also an immigrant who arrived in the U.S by the age of 10. By the age of 15, he was already studying arts. Weinman became quite known for the design of the Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollar, but he always wanted to focus on sculpturing.

Franklin Silver Half Dollar

The Franklin Silver Half Dollar was produced by the U.S Mint throughout the years 1948-1963. These coins were made with a composition of 90% silver, each coin containing .36169 ounces of precious metal.

The Franklin Silver Half Dollar followed the massive success of Walking Liberty Half Dollar. Those coins were due for a design change in 1941 after being in circulation for nearly twenty-five years. But due to responsibilities owned by the United States for World War II, the coins did not come into being until 1948.

The coins were produced only until 1963 when half dollars were cut short. During that year, the congress had ordered the mint to change its design and honor President John F. Kennedy who was recently assassinated.

These are only just a few of coins available in the United States with U.S Mint being the only producer of the coin. Silver coins are produced throughout the world by the many different mints spread across. The ability to turn your collection into massive profits relies on your ability to detect which coin will be in demand in years to come. Whenever going for silver coins, look around the market trend and try to snipe coins that are rare. Within ten years of your purchase, you can score massive profits even on coins that are new.

Here’s a video I found interesting about one man’s coin collection.

Note:  This is NOT me.  I found this on  YouTube.

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Proof 2013 Silver Eagles

A very popular coin is now available for sale!  I read about it on Modern Coin Mart and thought it was worth passing on the information for anyone who is interested in the hobby of collecting coins.  I just started collecting coins and think it’s a fun way to get a piece of Americana and also gain an asset. I compare it to when I was a kid and used to trade and collect baseball cards.  Only this time I know the value won’t tank like they did in the baseball card industry.

Rivaling the Morgan Silver Dollar, this is a very popular coin in the USA.  These are currently selling for $76 if you pay with a credit card and order up to four.  If you pay by wire transfer, you save about $3 per coin, so if you plan on ordering in bulk, that’s the best way to go about buying the Proof 2013 Silver Eagles.  There’s an even steeper discount if

you choose to buy five or more.

Every site I’ve seen online has the .jpg files protected, so unfortunately I don’t have a photo of this coin at the moment. As soon as I come across an example I’ll post it here for everyone to see.

Silver coins make great investments. I’ll continue to highlight new, rare releases in order to keep everyone up on what’s going on in the coin trading industry.

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1923 Peace Silver Dollar

The value of collectable silver coins.Coins are often a popular investment choice for precious metals collectors.  I’m going to make it a point to introduce an educational series of updates to the website of famous coins in circulation.

Today’s Coin is the 1923 Peace Silver Dollar, produced in 1923.

Production Amount:  30,800,000.

Value:  This coin ranges in a minimum of $17 for a fair condition up to $146 when in mint condition.  Source:

With a 90% silver content, this coin has a silver weight of .7735 oz.

I’ll continue to preview more historic coins.  I previously made a post about buying gold coins as an investment.


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Year End Gold Price Changes

This is what I like about Regal Assets.  I get emails from them in a consultative approach.  No sales fluff.  Just facts.  This email came from Christian Howard, and I felt it was a good one to post publicly as he makes some great points that add value to my website and share the same sentiment that investing in gold and precious metals shouldn’t be overlooked.

Have you been watching markets recently? There is a lot going on right now that could move up the price of precious metals aggressively before the end of the year the 3 recent events you should take note of are:

1. The Federal Reserve made it clear as to what level it wants to see Unemployment at before it starts to raise the rates. “The Fed said it didn’t expect to touch short-term rates until it saw theunemployment rate fall to 6.5% or lower, as long as inflation forecasts remain near its 2% target. That would mean, according to the Fed’s economic projections, that it would keep short-term rates near zero into 2015. This means that the Federal Reserves is expecting our economy to recover just about a 1.5% in Unemployment. This is not an impossible feat however it is very unlikely due to our economic conditions. It is important to note that analysts are very concerned with the excessive amount of stimulus being poured into our economy. It is extremely unrealistic for us to see Unemployment reach levels of 6.5% percent while the economy is stuttering. Though, if all of these stimulus packages continue on there is a chance of reaching a 6.5% Unemployment Rate. We have to remember that along with the Unemployment rate the Federal Reserve has agreed to adopt a new stimulus plan after Operation Twist finishes up at the end of the year. This is not to mention the other stimulus plan recently put into effect. With these stimulus plans combined, we will be seeing approximately $85 billion a month being purchased of mortgaged back securities and treasuries in 2013!

2. South Korea purchased 14 tons of gold, raising the country’s gold holdings to 84.4 tons valued at $3.76 billion at the end of November, according to the Bank of Korea” This is the fourth purchase of precious metals made by the Central Bank of Korea since the bank made their first purchase back in July. It had been 13 years since the Bank of Korea had made a precious metals purchase prior July. We always see that when Central Banks start to purchase into gold, the price of the metal will rise. The Bank of Korea is stating that the main reason that their purchase was done was to diversify their investment risk. Gold and silver are both safe investments that are hedges against poor economic situations. So this move comes as no surprise as it was made as soon as the outlook on the Euro Zone debt crisis took yet another tumble. This large purchase of gold makes South Korea the 36th biggest country in gold holdings.

3. Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti’s looming resignation this week may threaten progress in fighting the three-year debt crisis even as European leaders wrap up the year with newly won breathing room. Monti, under pressure from euro-area and business leaders to enter the Italian election campaign, plans to quit once parliament passes his budget this week. Former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi withdrew support from Monti’s government of non-politicians Dec. 6. The Italian upper house starts debate on the budget, which will then pass to the lower house. There is a lot of pressure on Europe right now and its leaders. This resignation comes as a surprise.

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The History of Palladium

Palladium is a precious metal that has been around for thousands of years but has become increasingly popular more now than ever. Palladium belongs to the same group of precious metals as another renowned metal, Platinum. Palladium is always mentioned alongside Platinum because the precious metal was not separated from Platinum for a long time after its discovery. Therefore, both metals share the same early history.

Palladium's History and Common UsesEarly on, even Platinum was not considered to be a high value precious metal and it was picked up by forgers to manufacture Spanish gold coins. These coins were coated in Platinum and then gilded with gold to make them look genuine and real. However, despite the fact that the metal was discarded early on and when it was being used with gold, European scientists became increasingly interested in the precious metal. This was due to the fact that Platinum could not be corroded with fire and weighed more than gold but didn’t corrode with chemicals or gases.

In 1751, Platinum was given its own identity and that is when Palladium came into the picture as well.  After Platinum was recognized as a precious metal having its own worth, William Hyde Wollaston, a British chemist, discovered Palladium in 1804. However, even after its discovery, it took nearly two centuries for Palladium to rise to the top and get recognized as a precious metal.

William Hyde Wollaston isolated the precious metal from Platinum and named it after the ancient Greek goddess of wisdom, Pallas. Palladium wasn’t used in industries or for different processes till the 1970s. In the 1970s however, Palladium’s worth increased when due to its outstanding properties, it became one of the most used metals in the catalytic industries. The metal was then introduced as a key player in automobile emissions. Later on in the 90s, the demand for the metal increased greatly because the world supplies of the metal dropped significantly.

Today, Palladium jewelry is widely available and very popular across the globe. This is because Palladium is lightweight and has a soft white luster appearance. It is whiter than Platinum. Many people across the globe are now opting in favor of Palladium as opposed to Platinum for wedding bands and other jewelry items. The metal was found thousands of years ago but has now become a mainstream metal in the jewelry industry.

Palladium is tarnish free and very strong yet light weight. It is precious than silver and even whiter than Platinum. It is also lighter than Platinum which is why an increasing number of jewelers are opting for the metal to place in necklaces along with bracelets. While possessing all these properties, Palladium is cheaper than Platinum, which is another factor that makes the metal very popular.

Palladium is highly versatile and has been used in different industries for years. The metal is used to make aircraft sparkplugs, for watch making purposes, in the dentistry industry, in electrical contacts and manufacturing process of surgical instruments. It is 12 percent harder than Platinum but at the same time lighter and is available in various different designs.

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Chinese Buying Gold Like It’s Going Out of Style

Earlier this year, Forbes Magazine put out an article about how China was acquiring “record” amounts of gold.  It really sparked my interest as to just why the Chinese were the country leading the way into this investment strategy many people are using (being precious metals accumulation.)

The flag for the Republic of ChinaAccording to the article, analysts pegged China as buying 499 tons of gold in 2011, about double the amount they bought the year before.  The People’s Bank of China, (the Central Bank) admitted to accumulating gold.

The below chart shows the amount of household savings and more importantly, shows the private gold buying as a percentage of savings.  You can see the sharp increase starting in 2006.

The Chinese are buying gold at record rates.

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Silver Prices December 2012

The silver prices are something else I’ve decided to track.  Like Gold, Silver is a precious metal that you can use as an investment and hedge against inflation.  I’ll have a lot more in-depth information about silver coming up, but for now I wanted to document the price of Silver for December, 2012, just like I did a moment ago for the price of gold for December, 2012

A Silver coin from Australia

Silver price for all intensive purposes is $33.44.

I didn’t take the time into diving into the economic activity and signals that made the price end up at $33.44 because silver only made a 69 cent move (downward) for the week and it’s not worth delving into at the moment.  In the future, I’ll turn to, and cite, economist thinking and indicators as to why the price did what it did.

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Price of Spot Gold for December 1, 2012

Spot Gold Price for December 1, 2012December 1 was a Saturday in 2012, so we’ll take the closing price of spot gold on Friday, November 30th as our entry point for December.  I’m going to make it a point of updating the price of spot gold every month so we can track it over time.  I hope you find this a useful piece of information you can use in your quest to start diversifying your portfolio and consider gold or other precious metals as an investment option.

1,715.20 is the price we’ll go with for the start of December, 2012.

It’s worth nothing the historical prices of gold in this same day, two years ago, was 1,391.20.  (That’s December, 2010.)


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Short Term Influences Effecting Gold & Silver Prices

Gold & Silver Price Influences November 2012Just a few things to relay to everyone as I type this on November 28, 2012.  I recently got an email from a friend at Regal Assets and thought it was worth passing along to the masses as it contained some great information on recent events effecting the prices of gold and silver.

1. Gold and silver are the go to investment as stimulus packages continue to hammer the American economy. According to Bloomberg News, “Gold’s 12-year rally, the longest in at least nine decades, is poised to continue in 2013 as central bank stimulus spurs investors from John Paulson to George Soros to accumulate the highest combined bullion holdings ever. The metal will rise every quarter next year and average $1,925 an ounce in the final three months, or 12 percent more than now, according to the median of 16 analyst estimates compiled by Bloomberg. Paulson & Co.” Investors are starting to wake up and smell the coffee. We will start to see precious metals climb. With Central banks such as Europe, China and the United States so dedicated to stimulating, precious metals are set to explode in price. With so many banks set to stimulate there is a rising concern about inflation and currency devaluation. Investors are reading into this and are rushing into the ultimate hedge against inflation, gold. When central banks and big name investors are buying into a commodity, it should be taken as a warning of what is to come.

2. States and business advocates are maneuvering to use the current budget negotiations in Washington to win support for a long-sought increase in the federal gasoline tax—one of a grab bag of proposals various groups are seeking to tuck into a deal. The White House and Congress are trying to craft a broad deficit-reduction deal to substitute for the so-called fiscal cliff, a $500 billion combination of tax increases and spending cuts set to begin Jan. State highway officials and industries that stand to benefit from increased highway spending—including road builders and heavy-equipment makers—are among those pressing lawmakers to raise the 18.4-cent-a-gallon federal gasoline tax as part of an agreement. The federal gas tax was last raised in 1993 and 1990, each time as part of a deficit-reduction plan. After failing for years to overcome public opposition, supporters of another increase see the current talks as a once-in-a-generation chance to raise the tax, which finances highway and transit construction.

3. European Union leaders ended a two-day summit Friday without a deal on a common budget for the 27-nation bloc, foiled by clashes between nations that are net contributors to EU finances and those that receive more than they pay. Leaders said in a statement afterward, however, that after a “constructive discussion,” there was the possibility of a deal “in the beginning of next year.”The negotiations come at a difficult time for Europe. Grim economic conditions throughout much of the bloc have complicated the talks and exacerbated long-simmering discontent in nations such as the U.K. and the Netherlands about funding the budget, roughly two-thirds of which goes to paying farm subsidies and supporting investment projects in the bloc’s poorer nations. If an agreement isn’t reached early next year, it would jeopardize planning for a broad range of EU programs. Without a deal, spending in 2014 would be at the 2013 level, plus inflation—a higher figure for the budget than the proposals under discussion.

There could not be a better time to put your wealth into precious metals as it is truly a hedge against the coming times. We have some special deals going on this week and I would love to share them with you. Give me a call when you get a free minute and I can go over them with you.


Christian Howard

This is the type of insight I look for from an experienced, reputable company that has the ability to guide me in making decisions like rolling over a 401k to a gold backed retirement plan.


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Gold Stock Investments

Stock markets allow you to invest in goldEver think of investing in gold, but via an equity that trades like others on the stock market?  While I’ve decided to invest in physical delivery gold and am incorporating gold as a retirement vehicle, there are ways you can invest in this precious metal on global markets and trade it as often as you wish.  While this isn’t a complete list of ticker symbols and equities that allow you to do this, it will give you a good idea of some of the more popular gold trading options that exist.  I’ll do my best to provide commentary and historical prices of these equities as time permits.

SPDR Gold Trust:  this is an investment trust.  Holding gold, this trust issues shares in 100,000 increments, which are called “baskets” in exchange for gold being held on deposit.  Gold is also distributed in parallel with baskets being redeemed.  Gold bullion’s price is designed to be the reflected objective of this Trust.

Type in “GLD” to find this investment trust.  

iShares Gold Trust:  also traded on the New York Stock Exchange, the iShares Gold Trust ETF is another way to start investing in gold. Sponsored by BlackRock Asset Management International Inc, this allows you to own gold transferred to the Trust in exchange for issued shares of the Trust.

Type in “IAU” to find out more about iShares Gold Trust.

iShares Silver Trust:  same as above, except the precious metal being transferred to the trust is Silver.

Look for “SLV” to find out more about iShares Silver Trust.

Some other gold ticker symbols that I’ll highlight later are:

Gold Fields Limited (GFI), Gold Resource Group (GORO), Newmont Mining Corp (NEM), Nevsun Resources Limited (NSU), and Barrick Gold Corporation (ABX).  Each of these stocks are currently attractive because they are offering high yields.

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